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Change doesn't have to be painful

Although change is necessary, it can also be fun! Let us show you how!

Change is necessary

Systems Theory tells us that all human-made systems, from the start and without exception, gradually approaches entropy. To repel entropy, continuous transformation is required.

As decision makers in the IT industry, you are most likely already aware of the fact that systems do decay. The systems you manage, as well as the organization and business that has been built up around these systems, is in constant need of change and improvement.

Change is necessary, but it doesn't have to be painful, difficult, or risky. At Qfyra, we embrace change, and we're not afraid of it. Not only is change necessary, but it is also fun to work with!

Change is fun

The common denominator in the IT industry is change, and Qfyra has embraced this simple fact. We're not mere IT consultants. We're agents of change, and our profession is change agency in IT.

In essence, this means that we, unlike regular IT consultants, view ourselves as a natural part of continuous change and improvement. We navigate through well informed decisions, and we eat complexity for breakfast!

It also means that we don't do tasks that are routine. At Qfyra, we're not code monkeys. At Qfyra, we don't have yes-men. We're only active where we can become heroes.

The holy IT trinity

Successful IT rests on three legs: Technology, Business, Organization. Remove one and all will tumble.


At Qfyra we understand that it’s difficult to keep up with technology. We understand that you've painted yourself into a technological corner. Let us paint the rest of it so you can increase ROI and expand with quality.

Qfyra is agnostic in terms of tech, and we understand that IT-management is forever, but let us be frank regarding the elephant in your room: Most of your challenges relates to Microsoft, and that's our specialty.

We're experts managing old Microsoft systems. Just like everybody else in the IT industry, you've probably got plenty of legacy and technical debt. We’ll airlift you out of that situation.


At Qfyra we understand contractors are running your asylum, and that you're bound to procurements. We see your costs are skyrocketing, and we know why. Let us improve your business with tech and organization.

Qfyra applies a very simple rule to reduce monetary loss. Every initiative will be studied using this simple mindset: Show me the money! Sure, an upside may not be there, but you can bet there's always a downside.

Greed is good, but when push comes to shove you're not allowed to make stupid decisions because of if. We're experts analyzing USPs and sinkholes in matters of tech and organization.


At Qfyra we understand the pressure from above and below. We get it, some things has "always been that way". We'll stir that stew until it consists of smart people making good decisions in tech and business.

Qfyra employs several frank expressions. Kill your darlings is one of them. How to organize around your systems and business is more important than tech. Tech is deterministic. Organizations aren't.

Dev models come and go. From Unified Process to Agile, and the current bastardized SAFe, a waterfall in disguise. Change is inevitable, and we’ll help you kick SAFe to the curb.

About Us


Qfyra was founded in 2019 by Linus Sundqvist, focusing on Business Intelligence and Data Science. The primary intent was to help businesses and organizations make sense of, visualize, and utilize the data generated during their day-to-day operations, in order to understand and learn from their own past, be able to forecast potential outcomes, and act on important future business events.

In 2021 the business was expanded to encompass all aspects of IT, focusing on managing the inevitable change that businesses and organizations have to go through to stay in lockstep with both the competition and end user demands. At Qfyra we simply call this line of work change, and as such, we work with change agency.

Qfyra is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. However, we offer our services worldwide, remotely. The name Qfyra is a phonetic pun in Swedish, referring to the last quarter of the fiscal year, and is phonetically pronounced kuː ˈfyːˌra.

Linus Sundqvist, founder and CEO

IT management consultant, change agent, and Netlight alumni with 18 years experience in the IT industry. Started his career as a C# developer in ERP system Platina by Formpipe. Currently specializing in the orchestration of organizational, technological, and business-related transitions, regardless of size and scope.

Linus is a strategic and results-driven big-picture thinker with proven ability to forecast long-term consequences of large-scale changes in organization, tech, and business. He has been instrumental in several extensive business development initiatives and implementation projects.

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